T1154 / R1155 Nostalgia - 

and a few pictures sent in by visitors to this site.



The AP cover


R1155 Illustration

 R1155N as illustrated in the AP


T1154M illustration

T1154M as illustrated in the AP


Test Set Type 65 as illustrated in the AP


AA 21

Artificial Aerial Type 21 as illustrated in the AP

Marine Craft Install Diagram


T1154N / R1155N Installation Diagram for Marine Craft

Marine Craft Installation

marine craft 1154/55


RAF launch

These pics were kindly sent in by Bob Symons from Cape Town, who was a radio op on RAF marine craft. It shows the 1154/55 installation in an RAF marine craft, with an ARC52 alongside and the TR1998 VHF transceiver below - still in use in 1972...  Thanks Bob !

Lancaster Installation

Lanc 1154/55

Peter Elias, MW3AQV, sent this pic of himself at the wireless ops' position in a Lancaster. The pic was taken in 1952 at RAF Boscombe Down.

Sunderland Installation

Sunderland 1154/55

Another picture sent in by Bob Symons from South Africa. Originally featured in the book 'Flying Boat Queen', it shows a Master Signaller operating his 1154/55 in a Sunderland flying boat. With thanks to Bill Whiter who supplied the excellent original photo.

A superbly atmospheric drawing of a Sunderland 'on the step' can be seen (and purchased) here.....

Lynns Gallery 

Lynn is a good friend and produces some fine artwork. See what you think ! And an order would really make her day...!!

I would like to add many more pictures of 1154/55 users and installations here - if you have anything suitable please email it to me, or I can scan and return your photographs. Thanks.

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