Ex-MoD 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 FFR

Some pics of the ongoing restoration of an ex-29 Cdo Regt RA Land Rover 110 FFR


Oct 2002 - as purchased from LRspares. Low mileage, mechanically sound.

Externally straight and tidy...


...but internally......typical ex-MoD !



Dec 2002 - Radio table and battery box removed for refurb.



Dec 2002 - Rear floor pan cleaned and repainted. It was amazing what was found behind the battery box !



Feb 2003 - Battery box, new radio table, seats, VRC353, ARFAT and initiate box being fitted.

Around this time the transfer box output oil seal failed and was replaced. A straight-forward job.

Mar 2003 - Wing boxes and TUAAMs fitted.


May 2003 - VRC353 and UK-RT321 in position and working, plus DC distribution box and LS Amp. 


May 2004 - Faded paintwork rubbed down and primed ready to re-paint.

WFD June 2004          Inside after repainting

May 2004 - Repainted - inside and out. The paintwork was rubbed down with an electric sander, starting with 80 grit aluminium oxide, reducing to 240 grit wet-and-dry. ( NOTE - I understand IRR paint dust is toxic. Please check the associated hazards and protection required prior to sanding IRR paint ). 

This got most of the runs and brush marks out... It was then washed down with white spirit on numerous cloths, followed by sugar soap in water, and finally hosed down and brushed.  Bare patches were then primed with aluminium primer. 

The outside was finished with 2 coats of NATO IRR Green and Halford's spray matt black. The green was applied with a large paint pad - a roller was tried but left the surface looking like orange peel...which resulted in more sanding the next day...! It will get another coat of green when time allows.  Inside, standard NATO green was used - brushed on.

May 2006 - VRC353 and UK-RT321 in position and working, with non-operational DMU, plus DC distribution box and LS Amp. 

July 2006

This Land Rover is a 'wader', although from the condition of the steelwork, chassis and bulkhead this example hasn't been in the water much - if ever. Note the snorkel, waterproofed instrument surrounds and column switch. All electrical instruments and switches are in sealed steel boxes are joined by large Plessey plugs and sockets, and the axles have breathers running up inside the snorkel. There is a sticker on the front o/s wing indicating the different levels of protection required for differing depths of water. 

The center seat is non-standard - but a necessity with 2 kids.

During the summer of 2004 the front road springs and shock absorbers were replaced. I was told by a TA mechanic that the 'book' procedure to fit handed-springs can leave the vehicle sitting noticeably higher on one side. He suggested fitting a pair of n/s springs for a lower softer ride, and a pair of o/s springs for a higher, firmer ride, which also leaves the vehicle sitting more level. Being an expert in changing road springs now, I can confirm that..! 


A wiring diagram for the 90/110 FFR may be downloaded  HERE   Right click and 'Save Target ( or Image ) As'    Warning.....  it's over 500k

And the wiring diagram key is HERE    Right click and 'Save Target ( or Image ) As' 


Ebay strikes again...

Latest project - the restoration of Sankey 3/4 ton cargo trailer 30 GJ 03


Dec 2005 - as bought on ebay


De-rusted and primed. There were a few mores rust holes found in the lower joint across the front panel than expected - a legacy of it being parked for years nose-down, with the drain holes above the lowest level... The rust has been removed, bare metal treated with Kurust and primed, and the holes filled with Isopon and primed.



Two coats of enamel inside the tub after sealing all the seams with mastic. Next step is to clean it down and apply a topcoat to protect it whilst it stands outside over the winter.



Getting there slowly...after a reaction between new and old paints...!



Nearly finished - just lettering on the draw bar and sorting out the electrics to be completed.


These stencilled markings were found on the back panel under peeling paint. Any ideas ?


With thanks to Nick, Jason, Pete, Sarah, ACCV and Johnson's Surplus of  Leeds for their assistance and parts.

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