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G4NCE's Vintage Military Wireless Collection

and Information Resource

Illustrated resource for information on British army and RAF military World War 2 (

WW2 ) and 1950's wireless and radio sets type WS8, WS12, WS17, WS18, WS19, WS22, WS27, WS31, WS38, WS46, WS58, WS62, WS67, SR88, ZC1, R1155, R1273, WS52, transmitter or sender type T1154, 12, 76, Receiver or reception set R109, R206, R1224, R1273, Eureka beacon RT44-PPN1A, SARBE, covert miniature communications receiver MCR1, SAS radio type MK128, wavemeter W1191, RF amp no 2.

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